Die Varieties of U.S. Coin Replicas and other issues produced by
by Cliff Bolling

The Gallery Mint Museum of Eureka Springs, Arkansas was virtually a living 18th century mint and was the brainchild of Master Engraver Ron Landis and his partner Joe Rust, an extraordinary machinist and all around fix-it guy. Their goal was "..to establish a museum that would preserve the history, craftsmanship and artifacts associated with the minting of coins and printing of paper money." They produced many items during the time the Mint was in operation from 1992 to 2007.

As a result, their exquisite 1792 - 1804 U.S. coin replicas are authentic right down to the hand carved letter and number punches used on the dies to mint their replicas. Using methods of the period, each letter and number is painstakingly punched into the die by hand. The design devices used are also hand engraved and pressed into each die individually.

Because of this, each die is unique, in the placement of the letters, numbers, and their relationship to the main devices. As with early U.S. coins made in this fashion, each die can be easily recognized by these relationships. This is an attempt to catalog some of these die varieties with photographs. The photos here are pieces in my collection and as such, only represent die varieties I am aware of. I am constantly finding new varieties and will add them as time permits. For the most part, the numbering system used here for the different varieties simply reflects a chronology of the addition of new varieties to my collection. A similar unpublished work by Michael Czapla started this compilation, but it ended in 1997. I am using his numbering system for varieties he identified up to then.

Here is a look at my collection of 1796 $1 coin replicas from the Gallery Mint. Obverse and reverse die pairings are described, including Proof and Uncirculated.

View the 1794 DOLLAR replicas.

The page for PROOF 1796 $1 replicas is almost ready.

Here is an amazing 1796 $1 struck with a badly broken obverse die. It's pretty neat!

The page for PROOF 1793 1c replicas is almost ready, too.

Concept Dollars were produced by the folks at the Gallery Mint and used to acquaint media and Congress with the look and feel of the proposed new gold colored dollar for 2000. You can view some of the details HERE.
This web page is a work in progress and I intend to add more information as time allows.

The Gallery Mint also produced Annual Medals in addition to coin replicas. These were produced for the years 1993, 1994, and 1995. These are very impressive being made from 1 1/2 ounces of pure silver and struck with hand engraved dies by none other than Ron Landis himself.

CLICK HERE to see a library of Gallery Mint Newsletters and Collectors Updates from 1995 - 2005. Great chronology of creations and events at the Mint.

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Verne Walrafen's most excellent Gallery Mint Museum Scrapbook was started in 2000 as a chronicle of collector observations and interesting events at the Gallery Mint and has become an invaluable reference for just about anything pertaining to the Gallery Mint since it's beginnning. There are literally hundreds of articles, photographs, anecdotes, insights, and tons of cool stuff you will NOT see anywhere else.
Worth a look!